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Longer duration in Germany

Application for Visa with pen and passport

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20.10.2021 - Artikkel

Estonians and other EU-citizens:

Estonian or other EU-citizens do not require to get a visa before moving for a longer period (longer than 90 days) to Germany. You are required to register with the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt/Bürgerbüro) in the town/city you move to. However, you must at all times during their stay in Germany be able to identify themselves with a valid passport or a national ID-card. Please note that for Estonian citizens only the passport and the national ID card are valid travel documents for trips to Germany. Also please ensure that you have health insurance coverage for your stay.

Third-country nationals:

For trips to Germany exceeding 90 days (e.g. family reunion, employment, studies etc.) you need to apply for a visa in advance at the German Embassy in Tallinn. Your application can only be rendered in person, after booking an appointment online.
Accepted are only complete visa applications: a filled-in and signed visa application, all original required documents and 1 set of copies. For information about which documents you need for your visa application please read the information sheets below.
If you have difficulties speaking German, Estonian or English with us, please bring an interpreter.

Processing time

Your visa application will be processed as quickly as possible. As soon as a positive decision has been made you will be informed by email or phone. Please refrain from inquiries during the process as this will only slow down the procedure. Please be informed that questions solely regarding the status of your visa will not be answered.

Checklist visa application

  1. Thoroughly read through the applicable information sheet below.
  2. Fill in and print out the application form.
  3. Book an appointment for national visa here. Please note that it is not allowed to block appointments and to transfer a booked appointment to another applicant. Those who book several appointments will be blocked by the system and all appointments will be deleted without further notice. Also be informed that a visa can be applied for no more than three months before the date of entry into Germany.
  4. Be on time for your appointment. If you are delayed or cannot attend the appointment, please cancel the appointment at least three days in advance.

Forms and additional information:

Online Application Form

Blocked account PDF / 394 KB

Health insurance PDF / 518 KB

Information sheets by visa category:

Language Course PDF / 673 KB

Research Stay (Section 18d Residence Act) PDF / 793 KB

Study Applicants and Study PDF / 922 KB


Employment academics PDF / 238 KB

Family reunion PDF / 807 KB

Placement Internship EU PDF / 702 KB

Vander Elst PDF / 727 KB

Blue Card PDF / 237 KB

Visa to marry PDF / 767 KB

Professional Drivers PDF / 235 KB

Job Seeker PDF / 685 KB

Self Employment PDF / 695 KB
IT Specialist PDF / 237 KB

Employment non academics PDF / 239 KB
Working Holiday Visa PDF / 636 KB

General information about visa for Germany

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